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Stand Up Paddle Surf Series: 10'6" SUP-Eclipse
The 10'6

MSRP: $950
Package Deal: $1100 (board, deckpad, paddle, leash)

Length: 10'6" Mid: 33.5" Thick: 4-5/8" Weight: approx. 29 lbs


Designed for wave riding as well as cruise-paddling. Width of board makes for unbelievable stability. Rounded nose allows for hanging 5 or 10 nose riding.

Suggested User:

Still water paddling:
All Levels: Weight up to 350+ lbs.

Open ocean surfing:
All Levels: Weight up to 285+ lbs.


Board is great for all levels and sizes. Super stable for beginners starting off and getting familiar with their balancing. Great for the heavier big boys who want a more aggressive riding board. Extremely light for its size.

Fin Setup:

Fin Setup
  • All Fins Included
  • FUTURE Fins
  • QUAD
  • 2+1
  • Single
  • QUAD+1



  • LIghtweight epoxy EPS non-shrink core construction
  • Core: 2.0 lbs high density EPS with pvc or natural stringer
  • Chambered constructed air suppressed technology
  • Double 6oz. bottom and triple 6oz deck glassing schedule
  • Automotive paint heat treat finish for anti-rail paint chip
  • Reinforced fin box and plugs

Available Colors for the 10'6" Eclipse: (Buyer Specifies Color)

Color Selection

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