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Stand Up Paddle Surf Series: 11' 6" SUP-Speedy
The 11' 6" SUP-Speedy

MSRP: $950
Package Deal: $1,125 (board, deckpad, paddle, leash)

Length: 11' 6" Thick: 4-3/4" Weight: approx. 34 lbs
Nose: 21-1/2" Mid: 30 " Tail:17-5/8"


Designed for bay paddle cruisin', fitness/sprint/long distance paddling as well as cruising the waves. Tandem team riding oriented. Cut-in wing combined with rounded pin tail allows for quick smooth turning at slow or faster speed. Board dimensions offer superb stability and manueaverability.

Suggested User:

Still water paddling:
All Levels: Weight up to 285+ lbs.

Open ocean surfing:
Beginners: up to 235 lbs.
Intermediate/Advanced: Open weight class


Board is great for those seeking ultimate stability. Perfect for core workout with occassional wave riding. Ideal board for tandem team riders. Holds additional lightweight companion at the nose.

Fin Setup:

Fin Setup
  • All Fins Included
  • FUTURE Fins
  • 2+1
  • Single



  • LIghtweight epoxy EPS non-shrink core construction
  • Core: 2.0 lbs high density EPS with pvc or natural stringer
  • Chambered constructed air suppressed technology
  • Double 6oz. bottom and triple 6oz deck glassing schedule
  • Automotive paint heat treat finish for anti-rail paint chip
  • Reinforced fin box and plugs

Available Colors for the 11' 6" Speedy: (Buyer Specifies Color)

Color Selection

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