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Stand Up Paddle Surf Series: 12'6" Race Class Full Carbon
The 12'6" SUP-Race Class Full Carbon

MSRP: $1795
Package Deal: $1,995 (board, deckpad, paddle, leash)

Length: 12' 6" Thick: 6" Mid: 25-31" custom
Weight: 20 lbs (at 25.6" wide)  


Designed for speed with minimum drag. Stock-Class size.
Custom widths available: 25" to 31".

Suggested User:

Fitness paddling for extreme core workout. Stock-Class distance racing.


Board is a true speed racer. With its hydrodynamic design, this board offers minimum drag through any water condition. An ideal board for those who want to do distance paddling, fitness core workout, and entering Stock Class 12'6" downwind and distance races. MADE IN USA.

Fin Setup:

Fin Setup
  • Fin Included
  • Single



  • LIghtweight epoxy EPS non-shrink core construction
  • Core: 2.0 lbs high density EPS with pvc or natural stringer
  • Chambered constructed air suppressed technology
  • Double 6oz. bottom and triple 6oz deck glassing schedule
  • Automotive paint heat treat finish for anti-rail paint chip
  • Reinforced fin box and plugs

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