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Stand Up Paddle Surf Series: 7'8" SUP-Fugu
The 7'8" SUP-Fugu

MSRP: $799
Package Deal: $999 (board, deckpad, paddle, leash)

Length: 7'8" Mid: 29.5 " Thick: 4-3/4" Weight: approx. 21 lbs


Designed for wave riding. Width of board makes for unbelievable stability. Swallow tail allows this board to be loose and manueverable during any size wave riding. Pulled in nose allows for a more advance aggressive paddle surfing drop-in and bottom turn.

Suggested User:

Still water paddling:
Juniors-Beginner: up to 130 lbs.
Intermediate/Advanced: up to 200 lbs.

Open ocean surfing:
Juniors-Beginner: up to 150 lbs.
Intermediate/Advanced: up to 200 lbs.


Board is great for intermediate/advance wave riders. Super stable for beginners starting off in calm water. Great for Junior size to manage. Extremely light, fast and loose.

Fin Setup:

Fin Setup
  • All Fins Included
  • FUTURE Fins
  • QUAD
  • 2+1
  • Single
  • QUAD+1



  • LIghtweight epoxy EPS non-shrink core construction
  • Core: 2.0 lbs high density EPS with pvc or natural stringer
  • Chambered constructed air suppressed technology
  • Double 6oz. bottom and triple 6oz deck glassing schedule
  • Automotive paint heat treat finish for anti-rail paint chip
  • Reinforced fin box and plugs

Available Colors for the 7'8" Fugu: (Buyer Specifies Color)

Color Selection

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